Crunch a Numerical Expression that Does Not Involve Any Variables

This page is more or less a web-based calculator. You can type in a mathematical expression into the box. When you click "Number Crunch," this page will show you how to evaluate the expression, step by step.

This page is very useful for learning about the order of operations.

Type the expression here

Examples of what you may type here:

  • 2+2
  • (2+4)/3+16
  • 8^2-1+(56-3)/241
  • (56.2)^2-3.14/2
  • cos(20) (the cosine of 20°)
  • sec(5)+sin(50)^2

Hints when typing in math problems

  • The ^ symbol means exponent. So, for example, 5^2 means 52 and 3.2^2 means 3.22.
  • + means plus, - means minus, / means divide, * means multiply
  • In most cases, you dont need to type the *
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